How Much Pandemic is Too Much Pandemic for Your Social Marketing Strategy?

When history looks back at 2020, the year will be summarized in just one phrase—the Covid-19 pandemic. Really, that’s all this year has been about. The pandemic has left no aspect or facet of our life untouched and this is true for pretty much the entire world.

Social media is the world’s emotional barometer, which is why all social platforms have been inundated with pandemic-related posts and updates. Information about the virus, status updates, dark gallows humour, nostalgic posts about outdoors lifestyle—there is an entire genre of pandemic-related content on the Internet today.

Time to Pause the Pandemic?

Which brings us to an important question—how much is too much? Sure, the pandemic is a big deal but for how long will you be interested in seeing, viewing, reading, and hearing stuff that’s directly or indirectly referring to the pandemic?

Familiarity breeds contempt, which means the law of diminishing returns will apply to the pandemic as well. Simply put, your audience may, sooner or later, simply get tired of pandemic-related content.

A meme that got thousands of views and hundreds of likes may barely get a dozen likes. A heartfelt post reminiscing about travel or eating out or watching a movie may just not generate the traction that earlier posts used to.

Now, a smart social marketer is one who knows to ride the trend as long as possible but who also knows to leave the party before fatigue sets in

Actionable Tips for Assessing User Fatigue

Here are three actionable tips that can help you assess whether pandemic-content has run its course or whether there’s still more gas in the tank.

  • Announce a no-pandemic day. One full day where your channel will not post anything at all about the pandemic. How your users respond to such an idea will help you judge the strength of the trend.
  • Revert to your pre-pandemic marketing strategy. Just pretend as if the pandemic never took place and keep tracking how the metrics respond. If the users are tired, then they will quickly lap up this change.
  • Normalize the pandemic. This was neither the first virus or the first pandemic in the history of civilization. Diseases occur. Viruses exist. It’s a part of life and just get on with it. Just see how this approach gels with your audience.

Don’t be in a hurry to jump the ship. Let your audience and their reaction guide you ahead. Keep giving them what they want and you should be just fine.

3 Social Marketing Lessons from the Covid-19 Pandemic You Just Cannot Afford to Ignore

One thing that every social marketer should learn from Covid-19 pandemic is that there is no such thing as a perfect plan or an ideal situation. The simple truth can help you solve the whole ‘Should you buy FB likes or buy Twitter poll votes or Insta saves’ confusion.

In an ideal world, such packages would not be required at all. But, we don’t live in an ideal world, right?

Pandemic Lesson No. 1—Numbers Matter

It’s utter nonsense to say that numbers don’t matter in our lives. Low cases of Covid-19? Great news! Rising fatalities? Terrible news! Big government stimulus? Yay! Longer lockdown? Boo!

Once you let off the myth that numbers don’t matter in the world of social marketing, you will automatically come to appreciate the importance and power of buying Twitter likes, votes for Twitter polls, and other engagement metrics online.

From the day of the month to the size of your salary, from the number of likes on your FB post to the number of platforms dominated by your brand, remove numbers from the equation and you will be left with an uncertain and unhappy world.

Pandemic Lesson No. 2—Unlimited Resources is a Myth

You will never have unlimited or infinite resources. From the number of hours in a day that you can allocate to expanding your social presence to the number of employees, you can hire—everything is limited.

Just like our efforts to control the pandemic, the difference between success and failure is to know how to extract maximum results out of your efforts and resources.

If buying likes for a quality post increases visibility and attracts a large number of organic likes in a very short period of time, then common sense suggests that’s the best way to move ahead.

Pandemic Lesson No. 3—Stop Waiting for the Perfect Solution

Can we really afford to find the perfect cure for Covid-19 before tackling the virus? Such an approach just won’t work because it will be too late, right?

This logic applies to your social marketing efforts as well. An imperfect plan aggressively executed now is always better than a perfect plan that never gets executed. If you are attracting likes and shares and big numbers organically, then that’s just great. If not, then stop waiting for the perfect solution and just use the tools and packages in hand smartly.

Those who don’t learn from the past are condemned to relive it. Convert this crisis into a learning opportunity and get your social marketing strategy on track for big numbers and bigger profits.

Increasing Facebook Marketing To Get More Facebook Fans

Facebook marketing is not only about the promotion of your products and services, but it is a comprehensive action plan that would encompass your social media marketing strategies from the start. One of the most important things to consider when using this concept is how you can increase your friends and fans. This is a great way to spread your message and interact with your target audience on this social platform.

If you want to promote your business page to get more fans, it is vital to include plugins that would place the like box on your website or blog. This would not only drive traffic to your fan page, but it would also encourage people to share the page with others. Apart from placing them on strategic places like headers and landing pages, you can include them in your contact page too. This may require some HTML skills, but as long as you know what you are doing this can be completed fast. If you want to integrate this more carefully into your website layout, you might choose to hire a professional web designer instead.

Facebook landing pages have become a trend for many commercial profiles and you can make one as well. They are a great addition to your Facebook marketing plan because these landing pages automatically get your company vision across. The moment your page loads potential fans would know what you are trying to promote. The best part about the pages is that they are very easy to set up. There are a number of tools you can use to put them in place. If you have the latest layout on Facebook, you may replace these pages with an excellent cover picture instead. It may not be as interactive, but it can be just as effective.

One of the best Facebook campaign strategies you can use is promotion through contests. People love freebies and contests and you can use this mentality to your advantage. Prizes can be something as simple as gift cards and t-shirts or can be as elaborate as giving away more expensive items from your company.

There is a built-in advertising program on Facebook and if you have the budget you can take advantage of this kind of service. Advertising on Facebook is not like your conventional promotional methods because the rates are quite affordable. If you want to grow your company and obtain more fans, this is one aspect where you should consider investing. If you are ready to launch a more sophisticated campaign, you can just simply increase your budget once you are ready.

It is a wise marketing decision to include your Facebook profile link on any print marketing, business cards or stationery that you give out. Printing email addresses have become the norm, but you can also place your Facebook links as well. You would not only become more accessible to individuals that matter in your business, but the communication line will become clearer between everyone involved.

Buy Likes and Views and Make Holiday-Season Social Marketing Profitable Again

As an entrepreneur, you will agree that there are times to focus on your business and then there are times to really really focus on your business. One example of the latter would be the holiday season combined with end-of-year festivities.

Needless to say, social marketing can serve as a very valuable tool to boost your festival sales—provided that is, only if you aren’t wasting time scrounging around for likes and shares for your FB and Insta posts.

It’s peak season for your business and ramping up sales and boosting your profits can leave you with more funds at your disposal to deploy innovative ideas and strategies during lean season. However, a setup where you are struggling for visibility for your social updates may lead to a situation where you struggle during busy hours and struggle even further when business is slow.

The Solution? Keep it Simple

The easiest and simplest solution to this issue is to buy likes, shares, views, and other packages for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms and deploy these every time you share a new post or update.

This simple trick will ensure your updates show up at the top of the newsfeeds of your existing social audience. Attracting more likes from them will only boost your visibility further but you no longer need to worry about all that any more.

Buy FB Likes or Insta Views Done, What Next?

 You will be surprised by how much time you save by getting rid of the constant search for more likes and shares for your posts. Further, you will realize that social marketing becomes a lot more fun once the numbers are taken care of by your decision to buy likes and shares.

Every new post you share will have a few hundred likes or views added to it within an hour, or even faster, of your upload. This will attract more likes, views, and shares, which will generate the much-needed momentum for your posts.

Next ahead is to hit top gear and come up with truly interesting posts and updates for your target audience. Again, not having to fret about the embarrassingly-low number of likes and shares will boost your creativity in ways you never imagined possible.

Know the Best Part?

 The best thing about this idea is that it will barely dent your social marketing budget even if you go all out and splurge on a large number of likes/shares/plays/retweets and stuff. And in return, you will get to enjoy the holiday season with more… more sales, profits, and fun.

3 Actionable Social Marketing Tips from the #JCB Digging Viral Sensation

Love watching big machines work? Who doesn’t? But more than five million views for videos of these big machines digging holes, demolishing stuff, and otherwise doing stuff that these monster machines do?

Well, that’s the power of numbers for you. Deny it as much as you want, but numbers are the first thing people check when they watch a new video. If liked by millions, then even a mindless earth digging exercise will get views. Half a dozen views and even the best video ever is likely to be simply ignored.

So, for all those who believe buying YouTube views, Facebook likes, or Instagram follows is a waste of money, here are some actionable tips and useful lessons from the whole #JCB Digging viral sensation.

Numbers Matter, Period!

Why else would such videos get so many views in the first place? Are there really millions of people who really want to watch big machines at work? In all probability, the phenomenon became self-sustaining after the first million views or so.

After that, the numbers simply fed upon itself and kept on rising. Now, just imagine your social marketing post, Instagram update, YouTube video, or SoundCloud track going viral like this? Well, that’s unlikely if you are dealing with single or two-digit views.

Time it, bulk it up and add a few hundred (or even thousand) views to make the magic happen.

Humour Works, Period!

#JCB Digging was all about humour. And concealed in it lies a very important lesson for all social marketers. People use social media to get entertained and to learn more about funny and unbelievable stuff. And this is not restricted to just youngsters alone.

Everybody likes to laugh, which means humour must be an integral part of your social content strategy. This does not mean serious posts and updates are out. Just remember to keep it light and witty as much as possible.

Imagination is Key!

The #JCB Digging phenomenon went viral not just due to the numbers. The fact that people thought of coming with the funniest and wittiest memes and jokes about this was the real deal. So, what’s stopping you from tracking another such outrageous fact on the web and connecting with your brand, product, or service?

Every once in a while, the web throws up some really useful lessons for social marketers. Now, it’s just up to you to use the lessons from #JCB Digging to become better at social marketing.

Is Your Business Missing Out On These 5 Advantages Of Facebook Marketing?

As Facebook users breached the 2.27 billion monthly active users in 2018, the value of Facebook marketing has significantly increased again. Such a large user base means that Facebook is a leading source of user-generated content in the web, and that in itself makes the social network very valuable for business through:

Ratings and Reviews

A simple “Like” might not be an explicit recommendation, but for people who have a friend on Facebook that “Likes” something, they can easily see and “feel” the positive reinforcement it brings to whatever item or content was “liked.” And then, of course, there are actual comments. This facet of Facebook that provides multiple ways to rate or review items, Fan pages, or content is quite invaluable to businesses.

Conversations and Word-of-Mouth

Consumer engagement can potentially increase conversion by a whopping 177% – add to that the value of word-of-mouth marketing and voila: instant social advertising success via Facebook marketing. Better still is that word of mouth spreads tenfold as fast in social networks than in the real world. Conversations also help businesses monitor how much they influence their niche in the online social graph. Facebook offers a simplified tracking metric in the form of an index that announces: “X people are talking about this.” There are, of course, more reliable and exact methods of knowing.

Increased Time Spent and Return Visits

Ever have Fans who like your page then never look back? The effort is lost because of superficial appreciation – the direct opposite of what you want to instill within your Fan base: customer loyalty. In fact, your fans are not customers yet; they might not even be viable leads.

This is what a longer time spent and return visits can change: they can turn Fans into actual leads and leads into actual customers. With great social content and effective campaigns, you can increase the time people spend on your social outlets and likewise increase return visits.

Improved Conversion and Customer Trust

We already mentioned the significant 177% conversion rate increase when consumes engage with social content. Along with more conversions, however, come better customer trust. Establishing customer trust and brand loyalty is a very lengthy and in-depth process of branding. Luckily, this process can be bolstered by a sale – a conversion.

Trust and loyalty increases repeat business or sales, and repeat sales make up majority of business revenue for B2C companies. Evidently, the improved conversion and trust that Facebook marketing can potentially bring is quite substantial for your branding effort.

User-Generated Content and Authenticity

User-generated content in the form of customer reviews or comments and recommendations are important because they influence purchase decisions of their peer circles more than other media of marketing such as sales assistants, online and offline newspapers and magazines, and even direct advertising efforts. Directly related to this is the significance of authenticity: the positive impact of user-generated content is derived from how consumers trust what they read. Genuine and authentic content from actual users are very powerful, and as such are invaluable in Facebook marketing.

Social Media Marketing A Modern Word Of Mouth

Social media marketing is when a business uses social media, such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, to gain traffic or attention. The purpose of this form of marketing is to encourage visitors to share information gleaned with their social network. The message spreads from user to user, having the same effect as old fashioned word of mouth had in the past. When a message goes viral, in a positive way, it is of tremendous benefit to a brand. However, if the viral message is detrimental, it can have devastating consequences.

Social marketing gives a business the opportunity to connect in a personal way with vendors, competitors, customers, prospective customers, and the media. Blogging, videos, and photographs are a few of the ways and means businesses use to send a message to their various constituents. Because the message is interactive, constituents have a convenient way of acting on the message. They can like it, not like it, ignore it, or send it along to their circles of family, friends and associates.

Social marketing is a tremendous networking tool. Deals are made, products and services sold, and developing networks creates wealth. Networking, by way of sites like LinkedIn, expands opportunities. Networking has gone global.

Along with the tremendous opportunities of social marketing, there are a few drawbacks. For one thing, it takes a great deal of time and effort. A business can choose to outsource the work, but if it does not influence and ultimately control the outcome, the results could be disastrous. After all, the business risks the loss of positive brand identification. Bad word spreads; it is difficult to control, and even more difficult to repair. Although it is worth trying out, social networking is not an effective tool for all types of businesses.

Because learning the ins and outs of social media requires time, effort, training, and experience, most business learn to draw on the expertise of a reputable marketing firm that specialises in social media. An experienced marketing firm will have a background in campaign strategy and planning, campaign promotion, content and graphic design, prize management, performance analysis, legal adjudication, and will be able to provide technical support if in-house software is installed and utilised. There are many platforms that allow interactivity; it is important to select the right one and go with a campaign that suits your business and brand. Engagement in a two way conversation with constituents benefits everyone.

The Benefits Of Facebook Apps For Business And Pleasure

The advent of social media on the Internet has definitely brought everyone across the world much closer together. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud have made the world a smaller place to live. The world population has been able to reap the benefits since communication between people and organisations has never been easier or faster. Facebook takes this advantage one step further with Facebook apps.

These mini programs are installed within the Facebook website and web users can access these applications for use in a variety of ways. The uses range from simple entertainment to actual business productivity and transactions. The uses of apps for business or pleasure are practically limitless and bound only by your imagination and creativity during the design, development and launching phase.

It is very easy to create any type of applications for Facebook. Even those with simple knowledge in programming can create very colourful and dynamic apps that will be accessible to millions of social media users worldwide. This provides anyone with the opportunity to connect to a very wide audience that they cannot possibly do with offline activities.

Individuals can promote themselves and businesses can improve their brand recognition by providing special promotions in their Facebook apps. Game developers can offer beta versions of their games. These games can be turned into opportunities to earn extra income by providing additional features and options after purchase. Surveys can be made with very minimal hassle. There are countless potential participants to any activity or event that someone can promote or advertise.

Many Facebook apps are free to use like birthday monitoring applications or certain types of games. These could be used as a portfolio of sorts especially for independent application developers. These developers can easily gather a good number of fans or followers by giving out free apps. This will benefit both the developers and their consumers since not just Facebook users get to enjoy and benefit from apps. Developers would also be able to get a free group of testers so that they can constantly improve on development skills and programmes.

There are a wide variety of uses and purposes that can be served with Facebook apps. There are a lot of things to do and technology is being constantly improved in order to provide better products and services through Facebook. Individual application developers and organisations can take advantage of this growing trend to promote themselves and their businesses. Not only will they have the potential to earn income, but also they will be able reach an endless number of people for very little cost.

Facebook apps are here to stay and there are no signs that this popular trend will go away. There are millions of apps available on the Internet today and the race is on to create the best application that will serve specific purposes and needs. For both business and pleasure, creating apps is a fast, easy and affordable way to reach the best markets for sales and testing purposes.

Facebook Marketing Means Engaging With Your Fans

With a reach of 2.2 billion active members, give or take a million or two, and with around 50 percent of those users logging in on any given day, Facebook marketing appears to be a must do for every enterprise. However, any social marketing consultant will tell you that broadcasting your message by simply sending it out into the great unknown is not the way to attract business. To succeed in the area of social marketing, you need to interact with your fans and provide them with consistent, relevant content. That is to say, content that is relevant to them.

Providing content is not enough. Businesses frequently underestimate the time it takes to succeed in this new age of marketing. After creating a Facebook page, providing relevant content, and developing fans, you must give timely responses to posts and queries. Not doing so will not only prohibit growth, but your existing fan base will shrink. The more engaging you are, and the more you engage your fans, the more you and your business will be appreciated. Word will spread and your fan base will grow.

No one likes boring. Facebook is a social place where people like to share. As a business owner, you should remember this and create content that your fans will want to send to their family and friends. Funny always works. Well produced interesting video clips with an interesting focus will capture people’s attention. Do not become too predictable; people like to be surprised. As much as possible, avoid filler content or republishing from either your blog or twitter feed.

If you decide to use Facebook as a way to market your business make sure to explore all of its functionality. Comment on the pages of others; participate in the social network. Learn how to create new tabs so that you can create autoresponders when a new visitor arrives, enabling you to develop a relationship with them. Learn as much as you can about its analytics.

The last thing you will want to do is work very hard establishing a Facebook presence, then to inadvertently violate its terms and end up not being able to continuing marketing through its website. It is crucial to know the terms and conditions, and to live by the rules. For example, you cannot build a community from a personal page. Additionally, Tagging people in an image without their permission is a violation. The time invested in studying the agreement is well worth the effort, and for that matter so is using Facebook as a marketing tool.

3 Factors You Should Look For In A Social Media Agency

The Internet marketing industry today is a landscape of outsourcing and B2B partnerships – but choosing the right ones, such as a social media agency to work with, is no simple endeavor. Several factors need to be taken into consideration; here are some of the foremost requirements you need to look for:

Access to the Right Technology

Successful social media marketing requires access to the right kind of web technology – from management solutions such as customer relationship management tools to programming and integration code such as Drupal or Joomla.

This is one of the advantages of outsourcing your business’ social endeavors to a social media agency: they have the right tools and solutions for the right ventures. You need to ensure, however, that the tools and solutions they brandish are the ones you truly need. For instance, powerful programming languages like Drupal are great for external Facebook application programming interface (API) development, but are useless for closed networks like Google+.

People with the Right Skills

The social media agency of choice should be the one who can provide the personnel with the right skill sets for the job. Social media marketing is a constantly shifting industry, as dynamic as it is recent. Currently, all the processes and facets of social media entail skills like programming, customer service, copywriting, marketing, branding, and even analytics. Beyond these however, social media requires that these skills often exist in one person.

Take a social media manager, for instance. He needs to be well-versed in branding and marketing, well-acquainted with content strategy and development, knowledgeable in social analytics, and as a bonus, he should also be sufficiently well-organized to oversee all these facets within the processes he handles. The problem, no course in university has yet to offer all these skills all rolled into one, and indeed, few career paths lead to having an expertise in all of these.

This is an extra challenge that your business will need to overcome. Such horizontal expertise in skills normally separate means that you need a social media agency with experienced people. People who have managed such positions before, ensuring not just skill acuity but also a working knowledge of what this hodge-podge of skill sets entails.

Effective Social Processes that Render Results

As social media is still evolving, the number of processes within this field is never final. Social media managers today often handle several processes, including but not limited to: social intelligence gathering, consumer engagement, social content, and web development and integration. In the near future, this all could change. This is why the social media agency you should partner with should have social process breakdowns that are effective.

Their social processes should render results that deliver return on investment; otherwise, you will be investing capital into a business process with no measurable returns instead of leveraging it to increase business profitability.

Evidently, choosing a social media agency can be as complicated a task as it is significant. Given the right choice, however, your business will prosper through the modern competitive advantage that is social marketing.

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