3 Social Marketing Lessons from the Covid-19 Pandemic You Just Cannot Afford to Ignore

One thing that every social marketer should learn from Covid-19 pandemic is that there is no such thing as a perfect plan or an ideal situation. The simple truth can help you solve the whole ‘Should you buy FB likes or buy Twitter poll votes or Insta saves’ confusion.

In an ideal world, such packages would not be required at all. But, we don’t live in an ideal world, right?

Pandemic Lesson No. 1—Numbers Matter

It’s utter nonsense to say that numbers don’t matter in our lives. Low cases of Covid-19? Great news! Rising fatalities? Terrible news! Big government stimulus? Yay! Longer lockdown? Boo!

Once you let off the myth that numbers don’t matter in the world of social marketing, you will automatically come to appreciate the importance and power of buying Twitter likes, votes for Twitter polls, and other engagement metrics online.

From the day of the month to the size of your salary, from the number of likes on your FB post to the number of platforms dominated by your brand, remove numbers from the equation and you will be left with an uncertain and unhappy world.

Pandemic Lesson No. 2—Unlimited Resources is a Myth

You will never have unlimited or infinite resources. From the number of hours in a day that you can allocate to expanding your social presence to the number of employees, you can hire—everything is limited.

Just like our efforts to control the pandemic, the difference between success and failure is to know how to extract maximum results out of your efforts and resources.

If buying likes for a quality post increases visibility and attracts a large number of organic likes in a very short period of time, then common sense suggests that’s the best way to move ahead.

Pandemic Lesson No. 3—Stop Waiting for the Perfect Solution

Can we really afford to find the perfect cure for Covid-19 before tackling the virus? Such an approach just won’t work because it will be too late, right?

This logic applies to your social marketing efforts as well. An imperfect plan aggressively executed now is always better than a perfect plan that never gets executed. If you are attracting likes and shares and big numbers organically, then that’s just great. If not, then stop waiting for the perfect solution and just use the tools and packages in hand smartly.

Those who don’t learn from the past are condemned to relive it. Convert this crisis into a learning opportunity and get your social marketing strategy on track for big numbers and bigger profits.

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