How Much Pandemic is Too Much Pandemic for Your Social Marketing Strategy?

When history looks back at 2020, the year will be summarized in just one phrase—the Covid-19 pandemic. Really, that’s all this year has been about. The pandemic has left no aspect or facet of our life untouched and this is true for pretty much the entire world.

Social media is the world’s emotional barometer, which is why all social platforms have been inundated with pandemic-related posts and updates. Information about the virus, status updates, dark gallows humour, nostalgic posts about outdoors lifestyle—there is an entire genre of pandemic-related content on the Internet today.

Time to Pause the Pandemic?

Which brings us to an important question—how much is too much? Sure, the pandemic is a big deal but for how long will you be interested in seeing, viewing, reading, and hearing stuff that’s directly or indirectly referring to the pandemic?

Familiarity breeds contempt, which means the law of diminishing returns will apply to the pandemic as well. Simply put, your audience may, sooner or later, simply get tired of pandemic-related content.

A meme that got thousands of views and hundreds of likes may barely get a dozen likes. A heartfelt post reminiscing about travel or eating out or watching a movie may just not generate the traction that earlier posts used to.

Now, a smart social marketer is one who knows to ride the trend as long as possible but who also knows to leave the party before fatigue sets in

Actionable Tips for Assessing User Fatigue

Here are three actionable tips that can help you assess whether pandemic-content has run its course or whether there’s still more gas in the tank.

  • Announce a no-pandemic day. One full day where your channel will not post anything at all about the pandemic. How your users respond to such an idea will help you judge the strength of the trend.
  • Revert to your pre-pandemic marketing strategy. Just pretend as if the pandemic never took place and keep tracking how the metrics respond. If the users are tired, then they will quickly lap up this change.
  • Normalize the pandemic. This was neither the first virus or the first pandemic in the history of civilization. Diseases occur. Viruses exist. It’s a part of life and just get on with it. Just see how this approach gels with your audience.

Don’t be in a hurry to jump the ship. Let your audience and their reaction guide you ahead. Keep giving them what they want and you should be just fine.

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