3 Actionable Social Marketing Tips from the #JCB Digging Viral Sensation

Love watching big machines work? Who doesn’t? But more than five million views for videos of these big machines digging holes, demolishing stuff, and otherwise doing stuff that these monster machines do?

Well, that’s the power of numbers for you. Deny it as much as you want, but numbers are the first thing people check when they watch a new video. If liked by millions, then even a mindless earth digging exercise will get views. Half a dozen views and even the best video ever is likely to be simply ignored.

So, for all those who believe buying YouTube views, Facebook likes, or Instagram follows is a waste of money, here are some actionable tips and useful lessons from the whole #JCB Digging viral sensation.

Numbers Matter, Period!

Why else would such videos get so many views in the first place? Are there really millions of people who really want to watch big machines at work? In all probability, the phenomenon became self-sustaining after the first million views or so.

After that, the numbers simply fed upon itself and kept on rising. Now, just imagine your social marketing post, Instagram update, YouTube video, or SoundCloud track going viral like this? Well, that’s unlikely if you are dealing with single or two-digit views.

Time it, bulk it up and add a few hundred (or even thousand) views to make the magic happen.

Humour Works, Period!

#JCB Digging was all about humour. And concealed in it lies a very important lesson for all social marketers. People use social media to get entertained and to learn more about funny and unbelievable stuff. And this is not restricted to just youngsters alone.

Everybody likes to laugh, which means humour must be an integral part of your social content strategy. This does not mean serious posts and updates are out. Just remember to keep it light and witty as much as possible.

Imagination is Key!

The #JCB Digging phenomenon went viral not just due to the numbers. The fact that people thought of coming with the funniest and wittiest memes and jokes about this was the real deal. So, what’s stopping you from tracking another such outrageous fact on the web and connecting with your brand, product, or service?

Every once in a while, the web throws up some really useful lessons for social marketers. Now, it’s just up to you to use the lessons from #JCB Digging to become better at social marketing.

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