Facebook Marketing Means Engaging With Your Fans

With a reach of 2.2 billion active members, give or take a million or two, and with around 50 percent of those users logging in on any given day, Facebook marketing appears to be a must do for every enterprise. However, any social marketing consultant will tell you that broadcasting your message by simply sending it out into the great unknown is not the way to attract business. To succeed in the area of social marketing, you need to interact with your fans and provide them with consistent, relevant content. That is to say, content that is relevant to them.

Providing content is not enough. Businesses frequently underestimate the time it takes to succeed in this new age of marketing. After creating a Facebook page, providing relevant content, and developing fans, you must give timely responses to posts and queries. Not doing so will not only prohibit growth, but your existing fan base will shrink. The more engaging you are, and the more you engage your fans, the more you and your business will be appreciated. Word will spread and your fan base will grow.

No one likes boring. Facebook is a social place where people like to share. As a business owner, you should remember this and create content that your fans will want to send to their family and friends. Funny always works. Well produced interesting video clips with an interesting focus will capture people’s attention. Do not become too predictable; people like to be surprised. As much as possible, avoid filler content or republishing from either your blog or twitter feed.

If you decide to use Facebook as a way to market your business make sure to explore all of its functionality. Comment on the pages of others; participate in the social network. Learn how to create new tabs so that you can create autoresponders when a new visitor arrives, enabling you to develop a relationship with them. Learn as much as you can about its analytics.

The last thing you will want to do is work very hard establishing a Facebook presence, then to inadvertently violate its terms and end up not being able to continuing marketing through its website. It is crucial to know the terms and conditions, and to live by the rules. For example, you cannot build a community from a personal page. Additionally, Tagging people in an image without their permission is a violation. The time invested in studying the agreement is well worth the effort, and for that matter so is using Facebook as a marketing tool.

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