Facebook Marketing Drives Traffic To Your Website

Social media may be the best marketing tool out there, on the other hand it may be a total waste of time, like all things, it depends. If you have an online presence it is a safe bet you have, at the very least, given Facebook marketing a casual thought. Small and large businesses, businesses that market to other businesses, and those that sell directly to consumers are all finding their way to Facebook. They are doing so because there is no other place on the planet that drives traffic the way Facebook drives it.

With an astounding 770 billion page views per month, Facebook is by far and away the world’s most popular website. The average user could be either male or female because 51 percent of all Facebook members are male, and 49 percent are female. Although skewed toward a younger demographic, 73 percent are 34 or younger, 5 percent are over the age of 55. The average member has 130 friends, and sends 8 friend requests each month. Members spend an average of 15 1/2 hours per month on the website. With over 94 million users, United States membership leads the way, the United Kingdom with over 22 million ranks number 2.

Of course, the amazing number of people using Facebook is all very well and good, but they will not necessarily translate into increased sales for your business. Social media requires very different marketing strategies than old style methods. Customers need to interact with your content, and there are a great many ways to interact using social media. It can be done through your wall, news feed, and by way of internal or external linking.

A Facebook page may not sell more of your big ticket items, or your most expensive services, but it can drive traffic to you website. One way to keep fans revisiting your page time and time again, and to have them promote your page, and thereby your brand, is to run contests. However, when running contests there are a great many rules that need to be followed. That is where professionals come into play.

A professional social media marketing organisation will have the tools and ideas that bring your brand to a top of mind awareness. Contests, quizzes, polls and questionnaires are a few of the social media tools that will help bring your goods or services to a larger fan base and eventually drive traffic to your website.

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